Top 20 things to do in Belgrade

 Let’s take a look at what are the top 20 things to do in Belgrade

Top 20 things to do in Belgrade

 The capital of Serbia was populated really early by Celtic tribes dating back to the 4th century BC. Ever since the city has been growing and improving. Nowadays it attracts more and more tourists. People who visit Belgrad have a lot to discover so make sure you have enough time at least for these things to do in Belgrade!

 1. Kalemegdan Citadel

 It is impossible to imagine how many people fought for their country here in this fortress. According to the historians at least 115 battles took place there. The monument was reconstructed 40 times throughout the centuries. Most of what you can see of it now is the product of 18th-century Austro-Hungarian and Turkish reconstructions. By today the fortress has retired if we can put it this way and fortunately, all people do there is enjoying great coffees, restaurants, and funfairs.




 2. Maršal Tito’s Grave

 The first president of Yugoslavia who was a revolutionary and the leader of the Partisans during the World War II. His huge tomb rests on display in a peaceful environment along with thousands of elaborate relay batons presented by young ‘Pioneers’ and gifts from political leaders.



 3. Museum of Yugoslav History

 Once you have visited Tito’s grave you will find this museum at the same place and the admission is included in the ticket price for both. With its huge collection of artifacts (approximately 200.000), it is a must to visit if you are curious about the history of Serbia. Here you can find everything from Photographs and artworks to historical documents, films, weapons, and priceless treasure. Make sure you book an English speaking guide if you want to know even more!




 4. Homa

 Homa is an unbeatable gourmet fare in Belgrade. Allow yourself to get the best of their meals and you will go home with a proper food experience. The place features dishes from everywhere so you can try your own country’s specialties too! The plates are creatively decorated and attractively presented so that you can’t resist eating them right away. They also have vegetarian options from 4900DIN.


 5. To Je To

 The name of the restaurant meaning “that is it” wouldn’t sound really appealing. But once we try their various selection of excellently prepared meat the flavors will blow our mind. They have everything ranging from a normal Kebab to the traditional Sarajevo-style ćevapi (spicy skinless sausages). If you ask a local it is likely that they will recommend this place as it is cheap and delicious.



 6. Kenozoik

 It used to be a brewery and if those creative people didn’t exist who decided to buy the property it would be probably an abandoned ghost building. But this way it became the headquarter of fun with a lot of parties, movie screenings, live music, diverse DJ sets, and art exhibitions. Note that you can only enter once you are 23 years old or more. Kenozoik runs in the old brewery during winter but they move their parties to Favela river barge in the summer.


 7. Radost Fina Kuhinjica

 It is hard to be a vegetarian in a Barbecue-obsessed city like Belgrade. Thanks to this place, though you won’t have to worry about missing the traditional taste just because you can’t eat meat. With the great selection of vegetarian burgers, innovative pasta and curries you will be satisfied for sure! They even have some vegan options and delicious desserts.




 8. Blek Panters

 One of the best places to dance and enjoy authentic Roma music in Belgrade. It is open all year round and you are welcome to join the party at midnight or even later. The music here is just awesome provided by the band that gives the club its name. It is on a boat so make sure you don’t get too drunk and splash into the water!



 9. Zeleni Venac Market

 The oldest market in Belgrade is worth taking a look at even if you are on a low budget and not intending to buy anything special on your trip. The stalls are decorated and presented in different colors making it a great place to take some cool photographs. One thing is for sure that everything that you find here is fresh and local.


 10. Srpska Kafana

 If you wish to visit kind of a top-notch place that is not that expensive in the end then this will be your choice. There are a lot of musicians who will not be shy to play some of your favorites and put you in the right mood while having a dinner. Many people say it is especially worth trying the so-called kneževa šnicla (Duke’s Steak): pork stuffed with goat’s cheese, apple, porcini mushrooms and cranberry sauce. Even by reading its name one might start drooling…




 11. KC Grad

 Here you can find exhibitions, a restaurant, and nightly music events. People who get creative in Belgrade take the byproducts of their imaginations here to share them with everyone who is curious. It is a great cultural center that has something for everyone.



 12. Beo Aqua And Adventure Park

 If you go in the summer don’t miss the opportunity to try the exciting attractions at Belgrade’s best aqua and adventure park. Compete your friends and be the fastest to reach the finish line. The fun never ends here! Jump into the water enjoy the various unique things they have once you are there.


 13. Adrenalin Escape Room

 If you are still looking for some adventure here is this escape room for you and your friends. Make sure you bring your best friends (two to six people) because you will need to work together and solve various puzzles to escape! You can even choose a game called “The Hangover” which includes alcohol to make it more interesting.




 14. Zemun Flea Market

 If you are in the mood to get hold of some really valuable stuff that can make your friends jealous asking “Where did you get this?” You need to go to the flea market and take a good look around. Don’t leave your bargaining skills at home because you will need them to really get what you want at a reasonable price. Don’t forget sellers here are experienced so prepare for the toughest bites in the cookie.



 15. Crna Ovca

 Fancy a great ice cream yourself or your kids did something good and you want to treat them? Then this is the place where you should go! Being the best gelato place in Belgrade whatever flavor you choose you won’t regret it. It is always crowded and no wonder why. People are curious about the weird but tasty combinations they create. You can try and love for example peanut butter and chocolate-covered pretzels or pear and crème brûlée.


 16. Ada Ciganlija Outdoor Courts

 Feeling like you need to move a little bit after those ice creams and calorie filled Serbian meals? Go and jam with the locals for a basketball game. This is definitely one of the necessary things to do in Belgrade if you are a sporty person! There are a lot of people there especially in the summer and you are more than welcome to join most of them. Great opportunity to move and get to know cool people. And if you are at the Ada Ciganlija already don’t forget to check the other activities too just like the volleyball courts, water skiing opportunity, and the beautiful Sky Wellness.



 17. Play Soccer In The Winter

 Also, at the Ada Ciganlija you will find an indoor soccer area where you can play your favorite game all year round. You will find the building next to the Number 6 gymnasium of Belgrade. Note that you might need to call and reserve the field in advance but if you really want to do it there are no excuses and nothing will stop you!



 18. Ada Ciganlija

 So what is this Ada Ciganlija in the first place? There is one thing you have to know and it is that Ada Ciganlija is the best beach in Belgrade to hang out and have a lot of fun. It used to be a river island that has artificially been turned into a peninsula, located in the Sava River’s course through central Belgrade. Note that in the summer it has over 100.000 visitors daily!



 19. Hala Pionir

 Once you have got tired enough of doing sports you can go to the Hala Pionir to watch great basketball matches and hail with the supporters. For the best experience check out a Red Star or Partizan home game during the Euroleague at this temple of basketball. This could be one of those things to do in Belgrade where you can immerse with the locals!



 20. Yugoslav Cinematheque

 The building itself has become impressive as they have renovated it recently. Whatever type of films you like you will find it here. Check the movies that they currently screen on their website and pick the one that is suitable for you. Note that it has two different buildings and some screenings are held in the one located on the Kosovska street.