Top 20 things to do in Glasgow

 Here we have collected 20 things to do in Glasgow if you ever happen to visit this beautiful Scottish city.

Top 20 things to do in Glasgow

 Glasgow is the third largest city in the UK and the first on in Scotland. It has a rich history and many amazing venues that are worth visiting once you are there. The mood is often mysterious because of the foggy and rainy weather the city gets almost every day. If you ask a person “what to do here?” you might come across the famous Scottish accent and you will be wondering “What did he say?”. So in order to avoid confusion here are 20 things to do in Glasgow without an accent in written English.

 1. Cathedral Precinct on the East End

 Even though the Scottish history reaches back to a really long time ago, Glasgow couldn’t preserve a lot of it due to having grown in an unexpected pace in the 19th century. Fortunately, this corner still exists for us from the ages of the 12th century. More accurately it was consecrated in 1197 and has been there ever since. Being a fabulous example of the Scottish architecture the church amazes many tourists so you won’t regret a visit for sure.



 2. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

 On the west end of Glasgow, you will find this reputable museum that has been there for more than a century. Not only does it have many exhibition rooms but it is a completely free attraction so you shouldn’t miss it even if you travel on a budget. Just get off at the Kelvingrove subway station and you will find it easily.



 3. Shopping on Buchanan Street

 Another way to avoid getting too wet in the long Scottish rainy days is to go shopping. The Buchanan street is a place where you will definitely find everything you need. So if you are keen on shopping something unique everywhere you go and your budget allows you to do so then emerge yourself in the jungle of the variety of brands there.


 4. Glasgow Tigers Speedway

 If you visit the city between the end of March and the end of August it is advisable to check the match schedule of the only professional speedway team in West Scotland and then attend one of their events. What they do is sometimes breathtaking and won’t let you calmly sit in your seat. This is a great fun for both adults and children.



 5. “Escape Glasgow”

 When you see this title you might ask “Why would I do that if I just came here to have a good time?” And yes the name can be confusing indeed but this is only what this new and popular live action problem-solving game is called. Here you have 60 minutes to escape a strange room that is locked by having to solve various puzzles. The experience is so great that the place became popular without advertising much and relying on word of mouth.



 6. Bread Meats Bread

 If you happen to get hungry after the “Escape Glasgow” game this is the place you might want to try! The reason is that apart from good food, every customer is treated specially here as if they had been invited as a guest to someone’s house. There are no reservations because of this and the atmosphere is just really family-like. Contrary to its name they serve vegetarian options too.


 7. Kinetic Theatre

 Eduard Bersudsky was a Russian creator and artist who founded a Kinetic theater with one of his companions but later he moved to Scotland and carried on doing his unique thing there. If you enter his special theater you will see electro-powered wooden figures moving and a lot of strange designs that is almost kind of hypnotic. Even though you must pay for a show, his gallery can be viewed for free.



 8. Simply the West End

 By many people, it is considered the most authentic and beautiful part of Glasgow that is worth a visit if you just want an afternoon without having to spend money on anything. The architecture of the buildings and the vibe that you get there will definitely leave you with a great experience. This is definitely one of those things to do in Glasgow that you can do only there and nowhere else!<



 9. Nardini’s

 Who could resist a nice ice cream even in the worst weather? In Nardini’s Ice Cream Parlour your taste buds will flourish for sure! They have won UK Ice Cream Championship twice with their home made ice creams that they serve there every day. You can eat in or take it out for a walk it is only up to you and probably the weather…



 10. Glasgow Science Centre

 This is an attraction to consider mainly if you have children. The center offers explorer tours for children under 7 where they can playfully learn new things and acquire new skills. But don’t worry while your child is having fun you won’t be bored either. The planetarium there leaves everyone breathless. Just let your imagination fly across the sky and enjoy!


 11. Òran Mór

 This used to be a church that got transformed into a great entertainment facility and opened in 2004. You can find great food and drinks here while listening to live performances, theater shows and if you feel like clubbing you won’t need to change the place too. If God’s will is people being happy on earth then this church still serves it.



 12. Kelvingrove Park

 If you wish to relax or meditate a bit or you just need some nice fresh air far away from the noise of the city this park will serve your needs. Next to it, you will find the beautiful River Kelvin. The park is so natural that you might come across some rare animals like kingfishers and otters but surely you will see red foxes that are really common on the West side but they are harmless.



 13. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

 The place hosts more than 500 performers per year meaning you will find something interesting there every day. It is worth checking their website and discover what performers will entertain on the days of your holiday.

 14. The Necropolis

 If you like mysterious places you should definitely visit this old cemetery. Being one of the most significant cemeteries in Europe you won’t leave with an ordinary experience. The vibe that it possesses will blow your mind together with the 50.000 monuments with the beautiful array of flowers, bees, and butterflies in the summer. You don’t have to be afraid of anything while you are discovering because the cemetery is secured by rangers. If you look closely you might find that some spots look familiar for some reason it is because the place has been featured in many movies so far.



 15. Club Like Never Before

 Glasgow is undoubtedly the capital of clubbing. If you feel like going out there are a countless number of clubs to give you the best night out of your life. Find the perfect party in advance and head there. And if you don’t feel like partying just convince yourself because you won’t regret it!



 16. The People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

 If you are interested how people in Glasgow lived form the 18th to the 20th century this place will give you the most accurate and comprehensive information. You’ll find a collection of artifacts, photographs, prints and films from across the years. If the weather allows you to do so you can take a look at the beautiful plant in the Wintergarden outside as well.



 17. The Glasgow School of Art

 If your hunger for history hasn’t been fed by The People’s Palace look further for some lessons in The Glasgow School of Art. Providing you with a lot of interesting facts especially concerning art history and the life of the famous Glasgow artist Rennie Mackintosh whose name is known to every local and here you will see why!


 18. The SSE Hydro

 Another venue where you can find some performances suited to your taste if you haven’t done so yet. This place is surrounded by great pubs and restaurants making sure you don’t get thirsty or hungry before and after the events. Beware because sometimes it can be really busy but if you don’t mind this it can obviously be only a plus.



 19. Hunterian Museum

 This can be the cherry on the top of your things to do in Glasgow. With a mixture of permanent and temporary exhibitions, you can see everything from Ichthyosaurs to Comic Invention. The Zoology part is completely free to enter but it would be worth it even if you had to pay for the admission.



20. The Best Park Ever

 The last thing on the list of things to do in Glasgow is a special one. An award winner Park which has taken the Best Park in Britain and the Best Park in Europe titles over the past decade. among 360 acres of green land, you will see why! On the trails, you might come across rare animals and mini waterfalls as well.