Top 20 things to do in Malta

 In this article, we have collected the top 20 things to do in Malta.

Top 20 things to do in Malta

 Malta is a small island between the European and African continent if you wish to escape the winter it could be a nice place to stay. The island is only 316 km2 with a population of just under 450,000. Since the island is highly visited by tourist attractions before we set out it is inevitable to plan what things to do in Malta that serve our best interest. That’s what this list is going to help you with!

 1. St. John’s Co-Cathedral

 One of those specialties to do in Malta that almost everyone seems to include in their schedule. There is a reason why! In Valletta which is the capital of Malta, you will find this monument astonishing enough too. The colors inside are amazing and if you are going with a guide you will find out a lot about the history as well. If you are a big fan of the paintings of Caravaggio you will probably find this place the best!



 2. Dinner In The Sky

 Located also in the capital of Malta this restaurant will leave you breathless. Even if you are afraid of height it is worth giving it a shot. You and your table are lifted by a crane 40 meters above the beautiful city of Valletta. It is a great experience whether you go during daytime or at night. The staff and the sight can’t be criticized and the food will satisfy you taste buds for sure!



 3. Mdina Old City

 A beautiful city surrounded by a wall. It was the old capital of Malta. Engage in the great work of previous architects who gave that magical look to the buildings. The sight can actually be really romantic so if you are a couple you will enjoy it even more. The city is still dwelled by locals. If you fancy a horse ride you can actually do that throughout the Mdina for 20 euros.


 4. Go Diving or Snorkeling

 There are plenty of companies that will present you the amazing underwater life of the sea around the island. According to TripAdvisor the best one is called Dawn Diving and located in Qawra. Even in the winter, you will see a lot of fish if you go deep in the blue waters. Wreck diving is an unforgettable experience you can opt for.



 5. Malta Falconry Centre

 If you are interested in birds or just want to see something new it is recommended that you go to this Falconry Centre in Siggiewi. It take only 30 minutes to go around on your own however, if you have enough time you can enroll in a 5 hours tour with a really friendly and knowledgable staff. You can hold some birds in your hands and take pictures with them. In the end you will see that these peole who work there really make a difference.



 6. Mellieha Air Raid Shelter

 As the name suggests the attraction can be found in Mellieha. If you are interested in what happened and where people lived during the WW2 in Malta you are advised to take a tour there as you will see the tunnels and the conditions people had to endure in order to push through those tough times. It takes about an hour to walk through depending on your speed and 2 euros for the entrance.



 7. Discover Dingli Cliffs

 A really fascinating free tour you can take if you go to Dingli. The tour takes 3 hours and starts at ‘The Cliffs’ restaurant with an extremely informative film showing the area. Then you are taken to a really memorable walk and presented the amazing flora and fauna of the area. If you are a nature lover you have to take this opportunity.


 8. Classic Car Collection Museum

 Fancy cars or bikes? Don’t miss this museum then! If you happen to bump into a wet and cloudy day on the island of sun you might want to take your time here and discover everything that’s inside. People say it is a really good value for money and even though it looks small from the outside, you can easily spend 2 hours wandering around.



9. Spinola Bay

 If you fancy a great walk in a beautiful place during the sunset this is definitely one venue to consider. With plenty of restaurants that serve good food and wine, you will find the time passing you faster than ever.



 10. Saluting Battery

 If you have never seen a cannon firing it is time you visited this place where they offer you this experience. The cannon is fired at noon each day. The entry of this attraction is only 3 euros but if you are only interested in the cannons you can watch it from the Upper Baraka gardens for free. Many people say it is well worth 3 euros to go through the tunnels, though.



 11. Mnajdra Temples

 If you happen to visit Qrendi don’t leave out these beautiful temples! The entrance is 10 euros and for 1 more euro, you get an audioguide which you can listen to through your earphones. It was supposedly built 4000yrs BC. It is a must to look but keep yourself away from touching the attractions there.


 12. St. Peter’s Pool

 This is a hidden beauty of Malta that can be found in Delimara. The steps that lead you to the water make you earn your lunch for sure! Driving there can be a little bit confusing too but once you find the place the beautiful scenic views, turquoise and azure waters will welcome you warmly!



 13. Take a Cruise Ship Tour

 There are plenty of offers you will come across if you are planning to do this! The best company according to the reviews is called Hornblower Cruises. They will take you to charming places, blue lagoon, azure and a lot more. The drinks and food are reasonably priced and the staff is always friendly. If you want to relax without any worries, this is the boat trip for you!



 14. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

 It is never enough of gorgeous bays and natural places. So if you want one more of those things to do in Malta this is a great choice. Its name seems to be hard to pronounce for the first time, but it is definitely a must if you are in Mellieha. In the wintertime it is quiet but if you go in the summer you will find a lot of people enjoying the nice views there.


 15. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieha

 We have talked about Mellieha a lot so far but we forgot to mention there was this chapel that is really worth a visit. When you enter you will feel like you are in a different world. The peace and calmness together with its beauty will work really well as a stress relieving method. The beautiful mosaic of Our Lady of Mellieha sits behind the altar in the sanctuary.



 16. Lower Barrakka Gardens

 Back to Valletta. The lower gardens there will give you a great inspiration. They are especially quiet in the winter. There is a great Kiosk there called Lower Barrakka Kiosk that locals frequent. You can eat and drink for less than in other places around that area so it is worth looking for.



 17. Gozo

 Gozo is another island next to Malta that you can get to on a ferry. Some people insist that the beauty of this place is even more breathtaking than that of Malta. And one you are in Mellieha the ferry port is only 20 miles drive away so don’t turn back! You certainly won’t regret visiting that little island!


 18. Popeye Village Malta

 This is the place where the musical production ‘Popeye’ was filmed. Since then it has turned into a tourist attraction with many fun activities, especially in the summer. Both adults and children will enjoy the variety of things one can do there. Just take a look at this picture below! Isn’t it unique and beautiful?



 19. Mediterraneo Marine Park

 If you have alwys dreamt of swimming with the dolphins here is a great place to make your dreams come true. Apart from getting a brilliant insight of the life of these marvellous animals you are given the opportunity to touch and swim with the dolphins there in the pool. You can also find a lot of birds, reptiles and other animals. The staff knows a lot and they care for the animals extremely well.



 20. Paradise Bay

 One of the best free things to do in Malta is to go to the Paradise bay in Mellieha. The beach area is surprisingly small but enjoyable. It’s not a coincidence that people nicknamed it the Paradise bay as the color of the water here really looks like that in the paradise.