Top 20 things to do in Mexico City

 Here is a collection of the top 20 things to do in Mexico city

Top 20 things to do in Mexico City

 Mexico city surprises many people when they first visit. There are simply so many things to do in Mexico city that you wouldn’t expect. The densely populated place is crammed with culture and exciting attractions. Once you decide to go there you won’t regret it!

 1. Early Morning Teotihuacan Pyramids Tour

 If you thought you could find pyramids only if you go to Egypt you were not completely right. These pyramids are a bit different in their shape, though. They were built by the Maya and Aztec tribes around the 1st century CE (AD). You can get a private tour led by an Archeologist who will provide you with excellent knowledge. You are allowed to take photos of everything and enjoy the scenery from the top of the pyramids.



 2. National Museum of Anthropology

 This is probably the best museum you can visit once you are in Mexico city. You get so many exhibitions there that you could spend your whole day browsing them through. There are also free guided tours at different times during the day that will give you a better understanding of what you see. If you want to get a comprehensive picture of the basic Mexican history at least before you go and visit some other attractions this place is a must!




 3. Chapultepec Castle

 This Castle was built when the French ruled the country with Napoleon. One of his trusted men was sent here to be an emperor of the country. His name was Maximilian and he dwelled in this castle. This building had served the Aztecs before they were conquered. Later it got turned into a military academy and now it is a museum.



 4. Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe

 Mexico is a really religious country so it is inevitable to see some of their well-built and designed monuments in the capital. A great example of this is the Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe. You might have heard the name of this saint in some Mexican soap operas as well. If you go to this Basilica you will see a mess every hour from 8 am to 8 pm with a lot of locals attending. Don’t miss out!



 5. Murales de Diego Rivera en la Secretaria de Educacion Publica

 The long-named building used to be part of the largest and most sumptuous convents in New Spain. You can enter for free of charge and take pictures of yourself and the beautiful pictures on the wall. The only thing you are not allowed to do is taking liquid drinks inside. They also have clean bathrooms and the whole building is well-maintained. There is no better way to look at the murals of Diego Rivera than this!




 6. Paseo de la Reforma

 This is probably the nicest area in the whole Mexico city. If you can afford rent a bicycle for 90 pesos a day and ride around the area. There is a great advantage here and it is that they decided to stop vehicular traffic on the Paseo de la Reforma between 8am-2pm so you will have a really relaxed bicycle trip without worrying about the cars. The bike stations are also very well-organized there.


 7. Museo de Arte Popular

 The Museo de Arts Popular presents a unique collection of a wide variety of folk art including carvings, fabric, metals, festival and even Dias del Muerto pieces. It is worth going there if you are into arts and love seeing other’s creative ideas. The place is properly looked after and laid out. Even if you don’t want to you will learn something while watching the exhibitions here.




 8. Arena Mexico

 The arena is primarily used for professional wrestling shows and boxing events. It has been constructed for a large audience with a seating capacity of 16,500. If you want to have a fun night at a cheap price put this on your list of things to do in Mexico city! The arena is only about a five-minute walk from the Cuauhtémoc metro station. You can buy tickets for the events at music stores around the city. Make sure you arrive early so you don’t need to queue for a long time because it can get very busy!



 9. La Condesa

 If you want to have a break from the city center you can visit this lovely area with a lot of good restaurants and green and peaceful parks. Take a taxi or a metro and arrive there in no time. The streets are safe there with some tourists and locals. If you fancy staying for longer you won’t be disappointed as the nightlife is also great in the area.


 10. Mercado de Artesanias La Ciudadela

 Looking for some souvenirs to take home? Look no further than the Mercado de Artesanias La Ciudadela where you will find a countless number of handcrafts, bags, paintings and other stuff. IT might take long to walk around the whole Mercado but it is almost guaranteed that you will see something that suits your taste and interests.




 11. Six Flags Mexico

 Including a lot of rides and fun activities for only 600 pesos to enter. Enjoy the adrenaline boosting roller coasters and other exciting rides that will turn the world upside down for you. Apart from this, you can discover the beautiful dolphins and the staff are really friendly and helpful! If you want to shake up your holiday you better make this one of the inevitable things to do in Mexico city for yourself.




 12. Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

 Xochimilco is translated to the place of flowers. You can go on a boat ride through the canals for a long time if you wish. The boat ride for about an hour and a half costs 500 pesos Mexicanos per boat (not per person). Basically, they have music, food, beautiful flowers and a lot of entertainment on the boats for tourist. It is simply a great party on a boat. If you don’t mind being frightened a bit opt for their scary tour!



 13. Lago del Bosque de Chapultepec

 The best thing to do on this peaceful lake is to rent a paddle boat and flounder around it. If you want to take your partner on a romantic trip this is totally recommended. In addition, they even organize some cinema events there sometimes that could be a great plus! It is a highly suggested place to go to for families with kids as well.



 14. El Bazar Sabado

 A must visit shopping area in San Angel neighborhood with a variety of indoor and outdoor art and craft stalls, boutiques, and restaurants. This bazaar is only affordable for richer locals and tourists. You will always find some artists around the place to entertain you with their music. It is guaranteed that you will see such items here that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Make sure you go on Saturday because that’s when everything happens here as the name suggests meaning “Saturday market.”




 15. Enigma Rooms

 This is one of the best escape rooms in Mexico city. Go there together with your friends or family and solve the mysteries together. This is a perfect thing to do if you happen to be about to organize a team building journey for a certain company. There is a limited time to solve the issues so here everything will be revealed about the temper and other personality traits of someone that you have just met.



 16. Gran Teatro Moliere

 The grand Moliere theater is very well-equipped and has a lot of great performances to offer for its audience. IF you want the best experience always aim for the morgue seats or up because everything else just won’t be as good. Most of the performances are in Spanish but if you happen to find the ones in English you will be even more entertained.



 17. Zoologico de San Juan de Aragon

 A very clean and well-organized zoo where the staff cares about the animals as if they were their children. The animals are in very good health and the environment is really relaxing. Even though there is basic food at the zoo at a really cheap price, if you want to eat something fancy do it at home or at a great restaurant before you come here. The zoo is mainly visited by local families so you will get a different vibe!



 18. El Caballito

 A perfect place to have some original Mexican food, for example, a pambazo (beef chorizo with diced potatoes, cream, cotija cheese) in a bread dipped and grilled in a red mild sauce. Just by reading the name and the ingredients of it, one might start drooling and run to the kitchen to grab a snack.


 19. Jardin Del Tepeyac

 Visit this amazing park with fascinating waterfalls and beautiful gardens. You will find the great statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe with the Mexican Indians as well. Just walk around here on a sunny day and enjoy the view!




 20. La Puerta Abierta Bakery

 In the end let’s just have a fancy dessert in a nice, friendly and clean place! Apart from nice cakes, they have a lot of tasty bakery products that will be the best if you eat them warm. According to many reviews, they have the best croissant in the city so don’t be afraid to try one of them too!