Top 20 things to do in Prague

We have collected the top 20 things to do in Prague

Top 20 things to do in Prague

As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has a long history in Central Europe. The city was once part of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. Later it played an important role in the Habsburg Monarchy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Prague is a beautiful city with many buildings and structures that reflect the past of Europe, and we highly advise travelers that go on a trip around Europe to also stop here at least for a day or two. For that, we have collected the top 20 things to do in Prague.

  1. Charles Bridge
    The Charles Bridge is perhaps one of the most recognizable old bridge of Europe. The distinct style of the bridge provides a beautiful sight both from afar and while on the bridge. Statues can be found on both sides of the bridge, and people often come here to make wishes. The bridge has a history of superstition, as legend says that Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV himself laid the first stone of the bridge at exactly 5:31 am on July 9th in 1357. This exact time was chosen because Charles IV was a strong beliver of numerology and thought that it would give the bridge additional strength. The numbers form a numerical bridge (135797531).
2. Church of Our Lady before Týn
As one the churces of the Old Town of Prague, this church is often visited by travelers thanks to its wonderful gothic style, especially its towers. The church suffered damage a few times during history, but it was always renovated.

3. The Municipal House
This civic building was constructed for the purpose of serving as a center for the community, and its often used as a venue for concerts and the like. The building was inpired by Art Nouveau, with many beautiful features liked stained glasses. If you were to come here, it is advised to do so during a concert or other performance.

4. Vrtba Garden
While not very large, the Vrtba Garden is just as beautiful as any famous gardens. This baroque garden can be found surrounded by buildings, like a hidden gem. The garden is often sought as a place for marriage, art exhibitions and other events. The baroque teraces, staircases, flower beds and hedges all give it a spectacular vibe.
5. National Gallery of Prague
The National Gallery of Prague has a few buildings, all dedicated to different eras and styles of art. The largest of them, Veletržní Palác, houses the modern art. The gallery itself can be considered a work of art due to its interious style, so it is a must-see on the list of things to do in Prague for those that like art.
6. Petřín Lookout Tower 
The Petřín Lookout Tower was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and was built for the purpose of observation and transmission, but it is mostly visited for its view of the city. Visitors can climb the tower to get a good look of the scenery.
7. St. Nicholas Church
As one of the newer churces of Prague, the St. Nicholas Church is in a very good condition. The church was built in a baroque style, and beautiful chandeliers and paintings can be found inside of it. Concerts are also sometimes held here, like Mozart’s Requiem. The place is advised for both religious and non-religious people.
8. Dancing House
This very non-traditional house clearly stands out among the baroque and gothic buildings in Prague. For this, it was highly controversial, and still is, but many people supported the idea for a little bit of something new. The weird tilting shapes of the buildings resembe dancers, hence the name. This style of architecture is known as deconstructivist. The building is worth seeing for anyone visiting, as it really does stand out among the old architecture of Prague.
9. Vyšehrad fort
Vyšehrad, which literally means “upper castle”, can be found on a hill over Vltava River. The castle is one of the oldest structures in Prague, though it is mostly in ruin nowadays. Nevertheless, the castle and the church there still offers a great place to visit in Prague, and a beautiful view of the city. It is often used for recreational purposes as well as celebrations. It’s especially popular during New Year’s Eve.
10. Vyšehrad cemetery
Located in Vyšehrad, this cemetery is the resting place for many famous czech people, like composers, artists, politicians and writers. For example, Antonín Dvořák was also buried here. At the center of the cemetery is the Slavín tomb, where most of the aforementioned people were laid to rest. Although it’s not a cheerful place, the cemetery is worth visiting for its architectural style.
11. Old Town Square
Arguably one of the most visited places in Prague, the Old Town Square is the historical center of the city. Even today it is full of markets and is a popular place for social gatherings. Street performers are also usually here. Statues and memorials can be found all over the square, dedicated to martyrs, victims of battles, and a memorial for the Thirty Years’ War. As a center of Prague, other attractions can be found in every direction, so it is a good starting location as well.
12. Prague astronomical clock
The Prague astronomical clock is located at the Old Town Square, and there for it can be considered the centerpiece of the square. The clock was built in 1410, and it’s the oldest that still operates. Every hour, the clock springs to life, and little figures parade across the face of the clock. This sight is one of the most known attractions in Prague, and should not be missed if you come here. If you want to learn more about the astronomical markings on the clock, check this link.
13. The Strahov Monastery and Library
While the Strahov Monastery is an abbey found in Prague. While the monastery itself is beautiful, it’s mainly visited for its wonderful libraries. The Philosophical Library and the Theological Library are both different in style, yet both are spectacular. The libraries contain very old volumes and scriptures, dating as far back as the 9th century. This is a must-see for everyone, especially book lovers.
14. Lennon Wall
This wall of Prague was originally just like every other one, but after the death of John Lennon, students and other started to write poems and parts of the lyrics of Beatles songs on the wall, and paint flowers and the face of Lennon on it. Since Prague was still under communist rule at that time, the local authorities didn’t approve of this, and tried to erease and repaint it numerous times, but the next day it was full of graffiti again. Since then, the wall has recieved layers and layers of new art on them, with tourists adding their own bits. The place has become a symbol of love and peace for the citizens. For a full view of the wall as it was in May, 2015, see this link. Although it is most likely very different today, as the wall is ever-changing.
15. Wenceslas Square
If the Old Town Square is the center of the historical Old Town district, then the Wenceslas Square is the center of the New Town district. The center is busy in every aspect, serving as a hub for shopping, social gatherings, restaurants and so on. Celebrations and demonstrations are both regular here, but it’s worth seeing in every season, both day and night due to its beauty.
16. National Museum
Located at the Wenceslas Square, the National Museum of Prague holds a large collection of around 14 million artifacts and works of art. The museum has several buildings, but the main one is the most important. The collection includes works of art from history, music, librarianship and natural history, among others.
17. National Library of the Czech Republic
The National Library of the Czech Republic is another beautiful library in Prague, and the largest one in the Czech Republic. It hold a collection of over 6 million documents, of which a large portion is digitized as well. The library is frequently visited by both students and regular citizens.
18. National Theatre
Located on the bank of the River Vltava, the National Theatre of Prague stands out with its architectural beauty, and it’s a must-see for those who love theatrical performances. The theatre provides the venue for the best operas, ballets and drama. The building suffered damages from fire, but has been since renovated. The theatre is visited both for its beauty and its importance as a symbol of the culture and talent of Prague.
19. St. Vitus Cathedral
St. Vitus Cathedral is located on the grounds of Prague Castle, and is one of the biggest gothic churces in the world. It is the most important church in the Czech Republic, and part of the Roman Catholic Church. The spectacular building is worth seeing for both religious and non-religious people, as the the stunning stained glasses and jeweled altar provide a great experience.
20. Prague Castle
Lastly on the list of places to visit and things to do in Prague is the Prague Castle. The castle complex has been the seat of power for the kings, emperors and presidents that ruled the country since the 9th century, and it so even today. It is considered the largest ancient castle in the world with its giant castle ground. Every year almost 2 million people visit the castle and its grounds. Tourists who come at a good time can catch the changing if the guards as well. The castle is a must-see if you come to Prague.
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