Top 20 things to do in Seoul

 Here is a great collection of things to do in Seoul!

Top 20 things to do in Seoul

 Seoul is a great decision to visit for those who love modern technology at its best and those who are interested in culture and religions as well. The metropolitan city has a lot to offer for a tourist apart from the chance of getting lost between the tall skyscrapers. In order to get the best out of your holiday there take a look at the top 20 things to do in Seoul in this article!

 1. The War Memorial of Korea

 Located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, The war memorial of Korea holds and exhibits a lot of material related to the Korean war. You will find approximately 30.000 artifacts on display indoor and outdoor as well. It will take some time to look at all of them so don’t just rush through the place but instead pay attention to the details.



 2. Gyeongbokgung Palace

 If you go there in the spring you will find it blooming with beautiful flowers. This building has experienced a lot of the history in South Korea. It was damaged by the Japanese but then renovated again. All in all, this is the most remarkable edifice of the Joseon Dynasty. The National Palace Museum of Korea is located south of Heungnyemun Gate, and the National Folk Museum is located on the eastern side within Hyangwonjeong.



 3. Bukhansan National Park

 Bus 143 from crown hotel will drop you really close to the park. Here you can wander around peacefully and be amazed by the beauty of South Korea. Climbing to the top is quite hard and will take approximately 2 hours depending on your speed but it is completely worth the effort! On your way, you can visit various temples and enjoy the birds chirping around you while breathing the fresh crispy air of the national park.



 4. Myeongdong Shopping Street

 Feel like the missus needs some entertainment? Take her to this shopping street and you will make her happy for sure! Obviously, this is not only for women because here everyone will find something of his/her taste of fashion. As you might have noticed already, people from South Korea care about their look and style. There are a lot of beauty products here and good food as well. If you get lost just ask the people in red clothes in the street!



 5. Hangang Park

 A representative people’s park located by Hangang River. It was created for the citizens to provide sport and relaxation facilities. If you want to burn some calories get ready for a jogging here or simply join a soccer or basketball game at one of the courts. Whatever your interest might be you will enjoy the atmosphere and vibe of this park!




 6. N Seoul Tower

 You can get there by cable car as well. Inside you will find a lot of nice restaurants to eat but if you feel like grabbing a hamburger you won’t be disappointed with what you get either. The view is awesome and it is highly recommended that you go there when during the sunset. You can buy a postcard and mail from there to a loved one.


 7. Insadong

 Walking around Insadong is nice by itself. The smell of the tasty food will play with your senses here and there and you will see many colorful things. If you go there that is a great opportunity to find some souvenirs to take home. There are also a lot of cultural and historical things to absorb.




 8. Bukchon

 This is a neighborhood where you will see a lot of traditional Korean houses. It is a residential area so be respectful with the locals and don’t make too much noise at night. To reach the neighborhood stop at Anguk station, exit 6. You will be able to obtain more information on directions at the first visitor’s center you come across. Surprisingly there are sometimes some houses that offer stay and tea ceremonies that you might want to participate in.



 9. Namsan Park

 It is advisable to check the weather forecast before you decide to go there because the view might be blocked by fog. Otherwise, if you go in nice weather you will be fascinated! The park is located in the center of Seoul. At the top, there are various facilities such as Palgakjeong (octagonal hall), Seoul Tower, Maritime Aquarium, fountains, and Namsan Library. You may take a cable car to the top or walk up the stairway path.



 10. Jogyesa Temple

 This temple is really close to Insadong. The place is still actively working and offers homestay for foreigners who want to learn more about Buddhism. The tranquility here is just awesome. In the main temple, there are 3 gorgeous golden temples. Be respectful and don’t take pictures or make a lot of noise while there are prayers in the temple!



 11. Olympic Park

 There is so much to do and see at this beautiful park! The gigantic park can accommodate huge crowds without seeming to be too busy. It offers a lot of entertainment for people who visit. You can take pictures of the beautiful Olympic themes and other objects. There is also an Olympic-themed museum on the site that you can enter. All in all, it is a great outdoor experience if the weather is nice!



 12. Coex Aquarium

 The COEX Aquarium is comprised of 183 display tanks. Some of these tanks are really unique. This is a great fun and opportunity to playfully educate our children. Apart from having a lot of species of fish they also keep otters and manatees. There is a touch and feel section that children will especially love. You can also look at aquatic creatures through a microscope that you wouldn’t be able to see with bare eyes.



 13. Namdaemun Market

 Don’t be surprised if two days are not enough to see everything here! The market is packed with all kinds of goods and wholesalers. You can find great bargains here is you search thoroughly. if you get lost, look for one of the nice men and women in long yellow coats (they all speak English.)



 14. Seoul Forest

 If you want to experience what it is like to be in a forest in the middle of a huge city you should definitely go here!. A visit is a must in the spring and the summer when the trees and other plants are blooming. You may see some deer and you can feed the ducks in the pond as well as watch other animals when you stroll around.




 15. Seodaemun Prison History Hall

 If you want to feel like you have gone back to the past visit this place! You can empathize how people lived in this cruel prison of Korea back then and you will be grateful for having the kind of life you are granted to live today. Whether you go in the winter or in the summer you will feel how cold or hot it must have been in those narrow prison cells. Your hair will stand straight up on your arm as you are passing through the torture room! Most of the information is translated into English.


 16. Statue of Sejong the Great

 Whether you are a photographer of not this place will create a good photo opportunity with the Palace gate and mountains in the background. Behind the statue, you will find the door that leads to the underground museum that you shouldn’t miss once you are there!



 17. Ihwa Mural Village

 This is a real conventional village near Seoul. If you want to be impressed by the Korean traditions just go there and enjoy. You will see a lot of people wearing Korean attires as their everyday dress code. Once you are there don’t forget to try some traditional Korean food that is consumed by the locals on a daily basis. The creative architecture will surprise and amaze you for sure!




 18. Alive Museum Insadong

 If you want to see some more creative stuff head to this museum in Insadong! It is a highly recommended attraction if you and your friends or family want to have a lot of fun and unique pictures together. Prepare for the long queue at the ticketing but don’t worry once you get in it will be totally worth it!



 19. Lotte World

 If you are looking for adrenaline booster things to do in Seoul this is one of them! Lotte world is an outdoor amusement park with an indoor theme park. Some people say it is the Asian Disneyland. It is a lot of fun for the whole day for both adults and kids. The indoor theme park has a few 3D shows, which are very exciting, not to be missed. Queueing for the rides can be a little bit lengthy sometimes but remember you are on a holiday there is nothing to get mad about! Relax and talk to people in the queue and you will find yourself on the rides sooner and in a better mood than if you had been complaining and raging all the way.



 20. Seoul City Wall

 Let’s finish our things to do in Seoul list with something really adventurous! There is a well-marked pathway that you can follow throughout your journey next to the city wall. It takes 12 hours to do it at an average pace but you can take your time and come back the next day if you wish to do so. Note that the top section over the mountains has definite opening times (winter 10-3, summer 9-4, closed Mondays).