Top 20 things to do in Tenerife

 Here is a collection of the top 20 things to do in Tenerife

Top 20 things to do in Tenerife

 If you go to this beautiful island of Grand Canaria you will experience the endless amount of sunshine along with a lot of entertainment. This place is definitely the best one to escape winter. Let’s see what are the things to do in Tenerife apart from enjoying the warmth and tax-free prices.

 1. Loro Parque

 This theme park was established a long time ago and features countless species of parrots. The colorful birds will impress you flying over your head in the Jurassic park-like environment around you. Apart from parrots, the park has dolphins, orcas and sea lions as well. Don’t worry about spending money on the transport because a free train leaves Plaza Reyes Católica (outside Hotel Las Vegas) in Puerto every 20mins.




 2. Siam Park

 Adrenaline here we come! This park is full of exciting slides and unique attractions that will make you scream for sure. If you don’t want your heart beats to raise too much you can enjoy some slow rides but if you are a fan of thrill you will be amazed by the 90ft nearly vertical Tower of Power slide. You can hop on a free bus the the Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje.




 3. Teide National Park

 This site has been approved as a Unesco world heritage. Mount Teide volcano rises to 3,718m (12,198ft) above sea level which means it is not only Tenerife’s highest peak but Spain’s as well. If you wish to see the crater floor you can ride the cable car that will take you right above that spot. The view is breathtaking. Sidenote: don’t be afraid the volcano is not working anymore!


 4. Masca Valley

 It is definitely worth visiting this little remote village in the middle of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Tenerife. If you go there by car whichever road you choose you will face a bumpy ride. But once you are there your jaw will drop. You can visit the local museum which is really cheap to enter and have a great meal in one of the great restaurants.



 5. Tenerife Kayaking

 Obviously, if you are looking for things to do in Tenerife you can’t leave watersports out. Jump into a kayak and don’t panic even if this would be your first time. There will be instructors to help you. If you get familiar with the technique you can go a little bit further and watch the dolphins and other beautiful animals around you.




 6. Bottom Diving

 If you want to explore what is below the surface don’t hesitate to plunge into the depths of the beautiful sea of Tenerife. You will discover great sea life with eagle rays, stingrays, angel sharks and a lot more species. If this is your first time don’t worry because diving instructors are great in Tenerife on average and they will be more than happy to help you with your first lessons.



 7. Artlandya

 It is a bit unlikely but might happen that you wake up to a rainy and cloudy day. Whatever your instincts tell you don’t stay at home even then! There are still a lot of things to do in Tenerife eve if the weather fails to show its usual face. For example, you might want to visit this museum of porcelain dolls where really passionate guides walk you through an impressive collection of dolls.



 8. Costa Martianez

 If you want a really clean and relaxed place to swim and sunbathe you will find Costa Martianez suited to your interests. There are amazing pools and restaurants as well in the case of you getting hungry. The admission is 5.5 euros but you get the best beach experience in exchange (just look at the picture below.)




 9. Playa de las Vistas

 If you want a free beach that gets the most sunshine even in January and February just head to the Playa de las vistas. The wide range of restaurants and bars suit any budgets. This is a really ideal place to immerse yourself in the beautiful sunsets while having a dinner with your partner or even by yourself.


 10. Monkey Park

 The setting offers the best for the animals just like the staff that takes care of them very well. There is some food on sale at the entrance to feed the animals but you can take some oranges and peaches too which monkeys will love you for. The tickets are inexpensive to enter the place. Apart from monkeys, you will find other beauties there too.



 11. Botanical Gardens

 An excellent vast display of plants and trees from around the world. The entry is 3 euros but for what you see here it is not overpriced. You can take a long relaxed stroll and pictures with a lot of beautiful things you would probably never see otherwise. Don’t worry if you come in the winter the flora will be the same colorful because remember? The weather in Tenerife is always warm!




 12. Piscinas Naturales El Caleton

 You will feel calm and stunned at the same time by watching the waves crashing amongst the lava formed barriers. If you have had enough of sunbathing you can jump right into the water for a swim as well. The area is extremely clean! If you like fishing this place will be a paradise for you. Just ask around the local fisherman who you can see catching fish here. Then buy the equipment they use and cast in!



 13. Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria

 Whether you are religious or not you will love this Basilica. The monument is located in a fascinating square and looks out to the sea. Nuestra Senora de Candelaria is a significant figure of Tenerife as she is known to be the protector of the island. The sanctuary is visited more by locals than tourists.




 14. Aqualand Costa de Adaje

 Open-air water park complex with huge slides and tube rides, plus kids’ pools and a dolphinarium. This is a land of joy for both kids and adults. Don’t be surprised if you or your kids will want to stay there for more than a day because that is just normal after so many exciting adventures and beautiful scenario.



 15. Light and Music Fountain

 Just enjoy the playlist and the dancing water curves of this fountain while sipping some cocktails and relaxing in one of the bars. The various colorful lights and the great music will put you in the mood for dancing sooner or later even if you have had a rough day. This is a great place to gradually warm up to a night out. It is located in the Safari center which has a lot of entertainment to offer.



 16. Moonlight bar

 Having spoken of nightlife let’s mention that Tenerife is waiting for you with the best parties and events so don’t go to bed too early! You can let your voice out at the moonlight bar as they organize karaoke there every night. Apart from this fancy and famous bar has a lot of various tribute events and live music performances whenever you happen to enter.




 17. Bulls Head Bar

 Another bar with the best live music according to a lot of reviews. The bands are always different but they are all quality. The staff is really friendly and the service is quick. The people are not grumpy there. Everyone is enjoying the music and you won’t be looked down on if you start dancing.



 18. Brahms and Liszt

 If you have a different taste in music Tenerife has the right place for you even then! Just by looking at the name of the place you might be able to guess what kind of music they have to offer. But we have to reassure you that the assumption is a little bit wrong. There are various acts and performers on the stage of this bar that are not only a great entertainment for elderly but young people too.


 19. Joyce Club

 Located at the playa de las Americas this is a perfect nightclub for young people whose desire is to rave and dance the night away. Various DJs and plenty a space with cool people from everywhere around the globe. Whether you want to enjoy the night inside or outside you can stay here and make the best out of it!




 20. Tenerife Guided Walks and Hikes

 Once you successfully woke up and gathered yourself from the previous night out it is time you went on a relaxing guided tour and be amazed by the excellent landscape. If you feel like you can cope with a 4-5 hour long hike it is definitely worth taking one following some beaten paths with an expert who can explain some knowledgeable stuff while you are taking pictures.